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Very Profitable

Very Profitable

Which in times past was to thee unprofitable, but now profitable to thee and to me. Philemon 1:11

Read Philemon 1:11-20

While Paul was a prisoner in Rome, Onesimus visited him. This was an encouragement for Paul. In fact, Onesimus was profitable to him. Out of concern for his well-being, Onesimus had made it a point to visit Paul; this was of great comfort to Paul. As a consequence of this visit, Paul sent Onesimus back to his master, Philemon. Undoubtedly, Paul and Philemon must have had a discussion about how he would be able to return to his master. Paul therefore gave Onesimus a letter of recommendation to take with him.

The letter stated that Onesimus would be very useful to Philemon, as he would perform his duties dutifully and promptly. Paul was convinced of this because a miracle had taken place in Onesimus’ life: he had been born again. The Lord had converted him. Undoubtedly he would be intent on putting right what he had done wrong; he wanted to repair the damage he had caused. Before Onesimus had served Satan, but now he was serving the Lord.

Who do we serve? If we serve Satan then we cannot really be of any profit to others. He who serves the Lord will be a great blessing to others. True service to the Lord also becomes evident in one’s life. This will be noticeable in the office, on the construction site and in the warehouse. However, this does not mean that we no longer have any sins and short-comings in our lives. In fact, this reality is a real burden for God’s people. Yet, it is their upright desire to faithfully and profitably perform their duties at home, church, work and all their surroundings.

Thought: Converted employees ought to be good employees.

Psalter 428:9 (based on Psalm 119) Great peace have they who love Thy perfect law; They shall not swerve from paths of consecration; Their happiness shall be without a flaw. Lord, I have ever hoped for Thy salvation; All Thy commandments I have kept with awe; Thy precepts are my daily meditation.


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