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Under Pressure

Under Pressure

And it came to pass, when she pressed him daily with her words, and urged him, so that his soul was vexed unto death. Judges 16:16

Read Judges 16:10-16

Through disguise and deception, Delilah sought to discover the secret to Samson’s extraordinary strength; she wanted to completely eliminate his power. Our text reveals how she accomplished this. Just as Potiphar’s wife would not give up trying to seduce Joseph, Delilah continually attempted to make Samson tell her his secret. At the instigation of the Philistine lords (Judges 16:5), she persistently pressured Israel’s judge.

This kind of pressure is also experienced in our day, especially among young people. You may know the song, “Dare to be a Daniel; dare to stand alone.” Like Daniel, we should not follow the bad examples of those around us. He sought to honour his God, and so should we.

This attitude is particularly important in human relationships. We should live our lives as Isaac did; in anticipation of receiving a marriage partner from the Lord, he went out in the evening to meditate in the field. This posture is not only fitting for young men, but for young women as well.

Thought: We should seek God’s help, especially when we are being pressured to do something against His will.

Psalter 234:2, 4, 5 (based on Psalm 86) O God, the proud against me rise, The wicked who delight in strife; They set not Thee before their eyes, They seek to take away my life. In mercy turn and look on me, Thy servant true, Thy chosen one; Let me Thy great salvation see, And strengthen me, my course to run. Some token of Thy love bestow, Which they who hate me now may see; Let all, O Lord, be brought to know, That Thou dost help and comfort me.


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