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Through the Bad AND the Good

Writers write best when they are writing on their own terms. They write best when they are passionate about something, and deep feelings produce the best work. For this reason pain and heartache—whether physical, emotional, or spiritual—often get the credit for the work that touches people’s hearts. I don’t want to focus on the readers though. I want to focus on the writer. Looking back on personal experience, I write when I’m not happy. I write when circumstances have me feeling like the only place to turn is to God and the comfort He gives. The thing is, isn’t that where we should always be looking first?

The Bad

In times of world crisis, (like after 9-11 for example), church attendance goes way up. People think they can rely on their own strength until suddenly something out of anyone’s control happens. Then they are willing to turn to admit that God might exist after all. Because they want the comfort He can give. Isn’t it just like our human nature to only want someone for what they can give us? The sad part is that for a lot of people this same attitude is applied to God.

I don’t think I’m the only one who would have to admit to doing this myself at times. When life’s “got me down” my prayers are numerous, my prayer journal is full, and thoughts of God’s comfort are in the front of my mind. Then when things are going well, God kind of gets put aside, whether it’s intentional or not. Those are the times that I’m not writing about Him or about how I need Him.

What About The Good?

The part here that is “obvious” but not expressed, is that everything comes from God’s hands and that means the good things too. When life is going well it is not because of anything we do. Even if we are not outwardly saying that, if we are not giving God the credit, that is what we are saying.

Take a look at your life. Do you express gratitude to God when things are going good? Or do you only ask Him for help in time of trouble? What are you doing when life’s great? How is God part of your happiness?

This might be a good time to reflect and maybe to start expressing that thankfulness in your day to day life. God is there to comfort us but He is also there when we think we “don’t need Him”. We always need Him, through the bad AND the good.

If we are honest and reflective, we may even find that our troubles stem from not having that relationship with God during the good times. Turning to Him and sticking with Him always gets rid of a lot of troubles, it’s just like any relationship. It needs to be maintained by spending time together often, through the bad and the good.

You can’t expect a person to be around just to fix your problems, and this is a similar situation. God is not a therapist, so don’t only turn to Him when you need help. You are able to rely on Him always for security and happiness, so why wouldn’t you? Times will not always be perfect, but it’s a lot better to go through the hardships holding God’s hand than trying to walk through them alone. Along with that, the good times are so much better when we allow God to be part of them.


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