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The Broad and the Narrow Way

The Broad and the Narrow Way

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat. Matthew 7:13

Read Matthew 7:13-23

The gateway of a city may lead to either a narrow or a broad way. The main thing we observe at the broad gate is the hustle and bustle that goes on because many people enter it. By nature, we all make our way through it. That’s because we live on the broad way. But the Lord Jesus seeks to open our eyes to see the narrow gate. This gate is rather constricted and therefore looks less attractive and user friendly than the wide gate.

Why is this gate less attractive? Because you cannot be a Christian without a radical change in your heart. Your heart needs to be renewed. You and I must get down off our pedestals. This goes against our nature; we want to control our own lives.

The Lord Jesus told us that we need to lose our lives. This means that you and I can no longer be the center of attention. The Lord Jesus compares this change to the narrow gate. This transformation can only take place through regeneration. The narrow gate stands wide open and is fully accessible. In fact, you are lovingly and earnestly invited to enter through it. Do not look at all the people around you, for most of them are traveling on the broad way. Do not allow yourself to be influenced by others, but be guided by the Lord who seeks your salvation.

The broad way seems pleasant because you can be yourself, fulfilling your own desires. But if you remain on it, your end will be eternal destruction. On the narrow way, however, you may experience true happiness, which outweighs the pleasures of the world by far. Have you already discovered this?

Thought: There is no third way. What does this imply?

Psalter 421: 3,4 (based on Psalm 84) Blessed is the man whose strength Thou art, Thy ways are hidden in his heart, He treads the highway to Thy dwelling. Though passing through a vale of tears, Thy grace, O God, appears With winged hope and power impelling. The wilderness, by showers blessed, Is now a pilgrim’s vale of rest. From strength to strength Thy children dear, Go forward, till they all appear In Zion’s courts, God’s holy mountain. O how delightful, God of grace, The paths of those that seek Thy face, And yearn for waters from Thy fountain! Jehovah, God of hosts, give ear, O Jacob’s God, in mercy hear.


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