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Q: Some say that texting our friends is not good.  Is it?

Suggested Daily Reading: Luke 10:38-42

A: When reading the verses listed above from Luke 10 observe that Martha was busy preparing a meal and getting things ready to serve it.  Were these appropriate things to do?  Yes.  Was there anything wrong with what she was doing?  No and yes.  No, in the sense that there is nothing wrong with preparing a meal and serving it.  It is right to do this for our family and guests.  But Martha was wrong when she became preoccupied with it.  It absorbed her thoughts and time.  She could not even pause to concentrate on that which Jesus was teaching.  She was so caught up with preparing and serving a good meal that nothing else seemed to matter!  A thing that is right in itself can become wrong, when it is over-emphasized and given too much attention in our lives.  Martha’s priorities were reversed.

Is communicating with your friends an appropriate thing to do?  Yes.  Is there anything wrong with texting your friends?  No and yes.  No, in the sense that there is nothing wrong with communicating with your friends.  That is, so long as your communication demonstrates love and honor to God and love and concern for others.  But texting can become wrong if we become preoccupied with it.  If we can hardly concentrate on real events at hand, because we are texting, we have a problem.  If we cannot focus with undivided attention on more important issues, we are wrong.  Then our priorities are reversed. Just like Martha’s food preparation, something that is right in itself, in this case texting with friends, can become wrong when it is over-emphasized and given too much attention.

Dan keeps in touch with several friends wherever he goes.  His school does not allow cell or smartphones, but Dan sneaks his in anyway and texts friends whenever he has a chance without getting caught.  Sandra frequently texts friends while she’s talking to others.  Sam can’t wait until dinner is over at home because someone texted him and he hasn’t responded yet.  Jocelyn interrupts a conversation with her Mom because someone just texted her.  These four young peoples’ priorities have become reversed.  A thing that is OK in itself has become wrong.

We must be on guard against outright sin, but also against making legitimate things sinful in our lives by over-emphasizing and becoming preoccupied with them.  Are there areas in your life that need to be reigned in, and others that need more emphasis?  How will you accomplish this?  How can God and His Word help?


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