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“Be not self-willed in serving the Lord”

The LORD seeth us not. —Ezekiel 8:12

Read Ezekiel 8:12-18

The children of Israel served the Lord in the temple. However, they also worshiped idols and heavenly constellations. The nation thought that they were upholding God’s law; in worshiping idols they presumed to worship God.

The prophet Ezekiel’s reaction was not favourable: Israel was guilty of fornication, idol worship and various other abominations. How could they be so blind? Israel had no understanding of the first commandment. Of course, we reject the worship of idols; we do not bow down to dumb images. But does that make us better than the children of Israel? The second commandment considers human ideas about God which deviate from His Word. Any incorrect thoughts and ideas about God and His Word are included in the concept of worship-ping idols. We are often guilty of constructing our own points of view and personal religious opinions to fit our lifestyles. In this way we adjust God’s Word to our conceptions. But this is not right; nobody can serve both God and mammon. By adjusting Scripture and theology to fit the shape of our lives, we seek to feel at home in two different worlds. Ask the Lord to guide you that you may live according to His will and honour Him alone.

How should we serve the Lord?


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