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Remaining Steadfast

Remaining Steadfast

Put on the whole armour of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Ephesians 6:11

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:4-11

In today’s passage we are confronted with the great adversary and his tactics. The original Greek actually speaks of his methods. Satan will use all kinds of methods to try to bring about a Christian’s fall. The term wiles of the devil makes us think of being deceived. He seeks to threaten us at every occasion, to lead us astray by disguising his actual intentions. He desires to divert our attention from reality, that, in a split second of inattentiveness, he can strike with a deadly wound. This enemy is sly; he puts out all kinds of booby traps; he operates using false tactics without attacking his targets openly. In a clever, underhanded way he tries to bring about a Christian’s fall.

We must always be on the alert. The modern variations in which he performs his old tricks are legion. Just think of internet use: one simple click of your mouse and you are in forbidden territory; one further mouse click and you’re caught in his snare. Do not underestimate the enemy of your soul and salvation. Do not think you understand his craftiness or that you are a match for his devices.

There is only one way to resist the devil and stand fast. You must constantly have the complete armour of God on. God is the heavenly blacksmith; therefore His weapons are of extraordinary quality. Do not just lay your hands in your lap; instead, let them be praying hands. Then alone will you be able to truly resist the devil today!

Thought: In which way is the devil cunning?

Psalter 63:2,3,4 (based on Psalm 25) Consider Thou my foes, So many and so bold, For cruel is the hatred, Lord, Which they against me hold. Defend and keep my soul, From foes deliver me, And let me not be brought to shame: I put my trust in Thee. Be truth and right my shield, Because I wait for Thee; Thy Church, O God, do Thou redeem From all adversity.


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