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Looking Back

Looking Back

I am old and grayheaded; and, behold, my sons are with you: and I have walked before you from my childhood unto this day. 1 Samuel 12:2

Read 1 Samuel 12:1-5

When Samuel became old, he looked back on his life. He especially considered how he conducted himself as a member of the congregation of Israel. He reflected on his prophetic work in the midst of the congregation. Though we might not hold an important position like Samuel did, it is still important for us to look back on our lives from time to time, despite our busy schedules. You do not need to be old to reflect on your life. Ask yourself how you have conducted yourself in the midst of your congregation. Have you merely resigned yourself to everything that takes place in the congregation, or did you prayerfully seek to be actively engaged in the life of the church?

Samuel recounted with emphasis to the congregation how he conducted himself in their midst from his youth on. Being an active and a living member of the church is not something that is only reserved for those of middle age and older. The Lord’s call comes to all people. Both older members as well as younger are called to be active in God’s service. Whoever we are, we need to listen to the command given by the Psalmist of Psalm 148, when he urges everything and everyone to praise the Lord.

Question: What are you doing in and for your church?

Psalter 405: 4, 5, 6 (based on Psalm 148) Hills and mountains praise your Maker, Praise Him, all ye flocks and herds, Woods and fields and fruitful vineyards, Creeping things and flying birds. Kings and princes, bow before Him, Earthly judges, give Him praise, All ye people, tell His glory, Old and young, your voices raise. Praise His Name with praise unending, For His Name alone is great; Over heaven and earth exalted, Reigns the Lord in kingly state.


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