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Look Up!

“Look up!”

These are the horns. —Zechariah 1:19

Read Zechariah 1:18-21

On account of the four horns mentioned in our Scripture passage, the people of God had scattered. They were frightened by the world power of that day, which was rampaging like an enraged bull. This happened more often and occurred during Zechariah’s time as well. The church of God has endured attacks from the enemy throughout her history, and they are nothing more than at-tempts to separate the flock of God from the good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus.

The church was gripped with fear and overcome with weariness. She had to learn to raise her head unto God, for “the LORD showed me four carpenters,” Zechariah said. In the first night vision, the Lord showed no signs of weariness. How long yet, be-fore deliverance came? A worldwide, all-encompassing power of love, comfort and deliverance was at hand to begin the work of redemption. The carpenters quash the ovens of persecution. The attacks against the nation of Israel, the church and Christians came to a grinding halt, for the redemptive work of Christ is all-powerful. What great comfort and encouragement this is for God’s people in times of trial, also today!

Do we have an eye for the renewing power of Christ? His ultimate victory will be sure, so do not look round about you, but look up to Him.

Why is the victory for God’s people sure?


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