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Isaac’s Blessing

“Isaac’s blessing”

Bless me, even me also, O my father. —Genesis 27:38

Read Genesis 27:26-40

How could Isaac bless Esau the way he did? Isaac’s blessing was essentially, “God give you abundance and fatness of the earth and have dominion over peoples and nations. You shall serve your brother, but when you gain dominion you will throw off his yoke.” But Isaac knew that the Lord had said that the older would serve the younger. By favouring Esau, Isaac was opposing the divine revelation that had been given to him and his wife. This favouritism was due to his weakness for the venison Esau often prepared for him.

Isaac shows how God’s children also sin daily. As a result, they also need to repent daily. Isaac also shows that it was not only Satan who opposed the Messiah’s coming – even God’s people hindered that work. The Lord expends much labour upon His fallen creatures to accomplish His will. All oppose His work, but He is almighty and will emerge victorious from the battle. The head of Satan has been bruised; the Lord Jesus now rules from the right hand of the Father. Yet, one day He shall return to this earth. Let us therefore lay down the weapons we use against Him and submit to Him. Let us with uplifted heads await His return from heaven.

How is God’s faithfulness revealed in this history?


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