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How To Be A Better Hater

You’re a hater!” It’s one of the worst insults anyone can hurl at us today, isn’t it? To be a hater is to be outside civil society. If you’re a hater, you’re a non-person. The media tells us that there’s too much hate in our culture and that hate is causing so many problems.

The problem is that we don’t hate enough. We don’t love enough either, but the two are connected. In Proverbs 6:16-19, Wisdom University offers a class on how to hate. Specifically it’s how to hate what God hates. That’s the first part of the class. The second part is how to love what God loves.

What happens when we get this wrong, when we hate what God loves or love what God hates? We become part of what God hates, and miss out on experiencing God’s love. Let’s therefore learn what God hates and loves. In the process we will become better haters and better lovers.

Read more in my sermon notes.

This article was first written here, on Head, Heart, Hand.


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