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Heavenly Visions

Heavenly Visions

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. Revelation 21:1

Read Isaiah 65:17-25

The aged apostle John had been banished to the Isle of Patmos for his faith. Nevertheless, he experienced a blessed time while on the island, for he received heavenly visions and heavenly predictions. John was privileged to receive comforting prospects for the church of all times and places; he was also commanded to commit it to paper.

We live in a time when the church is oppressed, but be encouraged; Christ is coming! Satan goes about as a roaring lion, but do not fear; the Lamb of God rules! The Church today is being severely tested, but her King safeguards His people. We must go through this vale of tears, but the new heaven and the new earth will suddenly appear.

A true Christian has a blessed future. The major difference between him and a worldly person is that a Christian looks beyond the here and now. His hope softens his suffering and sorrows. John looked into the future as if it has already arrived; that had become his firm hope. He wrote about it in the Book of Revelation. As fellow travelers, we should also lift our heads with expectation. One day our pilgrim journey will be past, and we shall enter paradise.

There will be a new earth. That does not mean the Lord is going to create a new planet, but He will renew, purify and cleanse the present earth. This radical change will mean sin will be totally absent. But why will there be a new heaven? Because in this new heaven there will never be a falling away as there once was in the rebellion of Satan and his followers. It will have become heaven upon earth. Do you look forward to this glorious event?

Thought: In what way do you experience the roaring of Satan as a lion and the faithfulness of the Lamb of God?

Psalter 29:1,3 (based on Psalm 16) To Thee, O Lord, I fly And on Thy help depend; Thou art my Lord and King Most high; Do Thou my soul defend. I praise the Lord above Whose counsel guides aright; My heart instructs me in His love In seasons of the night. My soul in death’s dark pit Shall not be left by Thee; Corruption Thou wilt not permit Thy holy one to see Life’s pathway Thou wilt show, To Thy right hand wilt guide, Where streams of pleasure ever flow, And boundless joys abide.


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