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God Seeks

“God seeks the lost”

Seest thou how that Ahab humbleth himself before me? —1 Kings 21:29

Read 1 Kings 21:16-29

Naboth was killed, but his blood was not silent, just as Abel’s was not. At God’s time, blood which has been innocently shed will be avenged. Elijah is sent to Ahab, who is in the vineyard. Just imagine how Ahab felt at Elijah’s arrival. He had just started to enjoy his new “gift” and was making plans for the layout of his new garden when the spoilsport, Elijah, appears. But Elijah came as God’s delegate, called to pronounce judgment.

“Hast thou found me, O mine enemy?” (v.20). What an unfriendly, hateful greeting! And yet there is a hint of fear in this address. God’s judgment follows every sinner regardless of how swift and clever they may be. We cannot escape when God calls, “I have found thee” (v.20). As long as you live, God’s grace will follow you, for God seeks the lost.

Elijah pronounced the judgment of God, and Ahab bowed his head. He saw a glimpse of his guilt, but his heart was not broken. Fear for God’s judgment made him bow his head, but he held on to the vineyard with no effort to restore it. Yet the Lord took note of his tiny amount of shame and postponed judgment. Do you realize that because of your sins God’s judgment will also come upon you? The Lord is gracious and righteous. The only way to escape His just judgment and be received in grace is by a true faith in the finished work of Christ.

How is God’s mercy seen in His dealings with Ahab?


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