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God’s Guidance

“Traveling under God’s guidance”

But God led the people about. —Exodus 13:18

Read Exodus 13:17-20

The plagues of Egypt had come to an end and the Lord had shown His might to Pharaoh and all the Egyptians. Pharaoh had to bow to the majesty of Israel’s sovereign God, and the nation was allowed to leave Egypt. Unable to defeat the Lord, Pharaoh actually begged them to depart.

Israel left Egypt under the guiding hand of their God, who led them on a circuitous route to their destination. The shortest route would have required them to go through the land of the Philistines, who would have engaged them in battle. God’s people were not yet ready for this kind of challenge, and might even have fled back to Egypt. In His wisdom and care, the Lord led His people on the best, and safest, way. Perhaps you too are sometimes puzzled because of the path your life takes and wonder if it is God’s counsel that guides you during such times. You may even question whether you belong to His people. If you are, then the Lord will lead you. If not, you will continue upon self-chosen ways that will end in eternal destruction. Therefore, seek to know the Lord’s will for your life.

Who guides your life?


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