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God is Faithful

“He is faithful”

O my lord, what are these? —Zechariah 1:9

Read: Zechariah 1:7-17

Zechariah saw horsemen who had been scouting around to determine whether deliverance for the oppressed children of God was at hand. The nations of the earth were living carelessly as usual, without God. There were no visible signs from which one could draw the conclusion that God’s time had come.

But then the Angel of the Lord cries out, “O LORD of hosts, (He who has all power in heaven and upon earth), how long wilt thou not have mercy?” With these words, the great Intercessor pleads on behalf of His people to His Father. Here is a glimpse of Christ’s work before He came to this earth. Zechariah was given the charge to tell the people that things would change. The Lord had displayed His wrath on account of the sins of His people, but now He would reveal great love and compassion for them.

The Lord cannot forget His people; Christ Jesus pleads for them. And yet we also see that the Lord will not allow sin to go unpunished. How adorable God is to His people, for He follows them and grants them His forfeited blessing. How great a Mediator they have whose life is hid in Christ Jesus, whose only hope is in Him. On what is your hope based?

How can the Lord be your mediator and intercessor?


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