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Glory to God

Glory to God

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. Luke 2:14

Read Psalm 150

Angels have been created by God. Though some fell and became demons, yet part of the heavenly host did not fall; they remained true to the Lord. These pure angels do not need deliverance, yet they rejoice because of God’s plan of salvation for the deliverance of sinners. Though they do not require it, yet they are deeply interested in it. This plan contains much reason for praise, for it has its origins in heaven; it was designed from eternity in the form of a covenant and became a reality on earth, all in the heart of God’s good pleasure.

To say it differently: from eternity God, according to His good pleasure, has purposed to grant salvation to sinners through faith in Christ Jesus. He has set His eternal love upon them. This has been made possible through the life and death of Jesus Christ. God has revealed His good pleasure through the gift of His Son. The angels of God are moved by His salvation plan and work for sinners, though they are not personally involved. How deeply should we be filled with holy awe and admiration if we have a share in it?

Is the Lord willing to grant you salvation? What do you think? Why else would the Lord declare the message of the gospel? Is it not because God seeks your deliverance? He was willing to pledge His honour to save sinners. He is pleased when sinners learn to sing the well-known words: Let God be praised with reverence deep (Psalter 420:5); the bigger the choir, the better. When sinners join the heavenly hosts, heaven comes down to earth. This also sets the tone for a glorious future, a new heaven and a new earth.

Thought: Members of God’s choir need daily practice under the leadership of the Director, the Holy Spirit.

Psalter 420:5 (based on Psalm 68) Let God be praised with reverence deep; He daily comes our lives to steep In bounties freely given. God cares for us, our God is He; Who would not fear His majesty, In earth as well as heaven? Our God upholds us in the strife; To us He grants eternal life, And saves from desolation. He hears the needy when they cry, He saves their souls when death draws nigh, This God is our salvation.


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