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February 20


“And there sat in a window a certain young man named Eutychus…” —Acts 20:9

The young man mentioned in our text was attending a service conducted by Paul. Perhaps his parents had sent him there. Due to the crowded conditions, seating was limited; Eutychus was dangerously seated on a narrow ledge high up in a window. In those days, windows were wide open spaces with no glass. Many lamps were burning in the room where Paul’s audience was gathered, resulting in stifling heat. The sermon was long, continuing late into the night. Luke summed up the reason why Eutychus fell asleep, and did not hold it against him. In fact, some scholars believe that this young man served the Lord, for Paul was able to raise him from the dead.

This may have been the last occasion that Paul preached at Troas. There were many things he wanted to tell his hearers, and they also needed encouragement. Eutychus needed this too. And the Lord took care that these things would happen in a miraculous way. The people received much instruction and were comforted greatly after Eutychus’ fall. The service had been so disrupted by this accident that Paul could no longer speak. But then he did the same thing Elijah and Elisha had done in raising the dead to life: he stretched himself over the youth and announced that life had entered the young man again. Then God’s servant could continue with his message.

You can be sure that Eutychus never forgot that service. Today too, miracles take place in the workshop of the Holy Spirit, in the Lord’s church.

Why do we call the church the workshop of the Holy Spirit?

This devotional was taken from “The Time of Your Life” a daily devotional published by the Youth & Educational Committee of the FRC. To order a printed copy of this book, contact:


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