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Eternal Father

“Eternal Father”

We beheld his glory. —John 1:14

Read John 1:1-5, 9-14

The concept of time is very important for us. Expressions such as “I hope you can make it on time” or “I don’t know if I have time to do that tonight” or “Now’s not the time to be doing that” are quite common. There are many more such sayings, but we do not have time to think about them because we are called to meditate on eternity.

However, we cannot do much more than just meditate on eternity because the word eternity is beyond our daily existence. It is a term that has everything to do with God and with Christ. John writes that Christ is from eternity. He was present when God the Father created the world. All things were made by Him (v.3).

Christ came into this world that was made to honour Him, but the world did not know Him (v.10). Not only did the world not know Him but His chosen people Israel also did not receive Him (v.11). They should have known who He was, for He preached among them, performed miracles and revealed Himself to them. But there were those who did receive Him as the promised gift from God. He existed from eternity, but in time He came to live with mankind. He has revealed His glory. Although Christ is eternal He wishes to meet with us today as well.

To whom does the term “and the Word was God” point to?


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