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Cross Bearing

Cross Bearing

For the fashion of this world passeth away. 1 Corinthians 7:31

Read 1 Corinthians 7:25-40

In this chapter, Paul especially discusses the wilful choice of some to remain unmarried. But many people who remain single would rather have enjoyed married life. Therefore a single life is a cross for them. This is especially true when their peers get married, have children and form little families. They can feel left out. Being single often means being alone and feeling forsaken. It is therefore important that unmarried individuals have good friends. It is also important that they are invited for coffee or lunch by others, including families. Being alone can be a very heavy cross for single people—almost unbearable. But it is necessary to accept the path the Lord has in store for you, even if it is a single life.

A single life may be placed on individuals so that they learn to see that true happiness cannot be found in this life. While bearing this daily cross, we need to be brought to the cross of Golgotha and the crucified One. What a great blessing it is when you may go with your cross—also the cross of remaining single—to the foot of the cross of Christ Jesus. It is also of great comfort to read of single people in the Bible who were of service to the Lord Jesus. Just think of Mary and Martha. Married life must never become the ultimate goal in life. It is more important to come to the knowledge of Christ as your Bridegroom.

Thought: It is better to remain unmarried than to have a bad marriage.

Psalter 161:8,9 (based on Psalm 62) For God has spoken o’er and o’er, And unto me has shown, That saving power and lasting strength Belong to Him alone. Yea, loving-kindness evermore, Belongs to Thee, O Lord; And Thou according to his work, Dost every man reward.


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