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Ask A Pastor: What About Christians and Tinder?

The Question

“What about Christians and Tinder?”

The Answer

​Tinder is an app that connects people for possible future relationships in a game-like fashion. In summary, you swipe through profiles, either to the right (in approval) or to the left (in disapproval), and immediately find out if anyone has approved you. It is often used for initiating casual and short-term relationships, often leading to sinful behaviors.

For the true Believer who is committed to the Lord, and would not use it for this end, it still remains that the whole nature of this app trivializes and even denigrates relationships. The very activity of swiping through profiles solely based upon someone’s appearance and a witty bio, is completely in opposition to the principles of the Scriptures that demands sincere, heartfelt and deep relationships. To expose yourself to someone else’s superficial judgment is likewise contrary to the principles of God’s Word of modesty, selflessness and sobriety.

Christian love is sacrificial love, which means we reject any form of superficial, selfish and lustful kind of affection. There is never a time in which the Believer may approach relationships in such a flippant, superficial, and selfish way. We are called to love fervently, affectionately, to carry one another’s burdens and to prefer one another, etc. (Romans 12:10; Galatians 6:2; 1 Corinthians 13).

When we consider Tinder in light of Christ Jesus, we find One who “swiped” through all the profiles of the human heart, and never found one who would love Him back, yet, He chose to love His own, coming to the world as a servant, and giving us His life on the cross! Salvation is His sovereignty changing our hearts to love Him back.

As Believers, we are called to shine forth this very love to the watching world. Let us not be superficially selecting people and merely be seeking who loves us in this world, but let us love others with the love of Christ, through Christ.


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