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Ask a Pastor: Communicating with My Parents?


“How can I communicate with my parents?”


First, we need to recognize that a lack of communication in any relationship is often because of sin or a consequence of sin in one or both communicators. Regarding your responsibility to honor your father and mother this needs to be personally explored. Is my communication hindered because of rebellion on my part? If so, repent before the Lord and your parents, and through reconciliation communication will become much easier. Remember sin loves darkness and truth loves light. I also recognize that parents can be at fault as well, and may be provoking children to wrath or not being honorable authority. In such situations you need to respectfully talk with your parents about this, and if this doesn’t help possibly even discuss this with another adult Christian who you trust and cares for both you and your parents.

Secondly, recognize the practical difficulties at an age of transitioning responsibilities from your parents to you. Communication can be hindered by the following difficulties: parents can expect too much, or become over-protective, or you might feel guilty when you don’t meet expectations, or you desire more responsibilities. Practically, you must be open about expectations, joys, and failures in this transition. How? Start with respectfully communicating these difficulties. Important practical suggestions as you fulfill your responsibilities in communication: Pray for your parents, continue to honor them, spend quality time with them, honestly share your life with them, and encourage them to share their life with you. It is a relationship worth maintaining and every relationship takes work!

Pastor Scott Dibbet


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