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Arriving at Athens

Arriving at Athens

And they that conducted Paul brought him unto Athens: and receiving a commandment unto Silas and Timotheus for to come to him with all speed, they departed. Acts 17:15

Read Acts 17:10-17

Over the next several days we will focus on the life of Paul. He was called to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in various places over a great area. On one of his journeys he went to Athens, but not by choice. He had preached in Macedonia first, which was north east of Greece. Then he went to Thessalonica where he received a lot of opposition to his preaching, especially from the Jews. The uproar became so great that he had to make his way to Berea; there things went well until the Jews of Thessalonica heard about it and went to that city to oppose him. His supporters then gave the impression that they sent him away by ship, but instead guided him by land to the city of Athens. This was an extremely long distance, about 600 kilometers. Apparently his supporters considered the hostility so great that they sent him out of their region.

This must have been very trying for Paul. In the past, as a self-righteous Jew, he had persecuted the Christians. Now that he has become a Christian, his own people, the Jews, were persecuting him. They who were once his friends had become his enemies. But the Lord used what the devil meant for evil for good. Through this trouble Paul became a witness of the Gospel to the Greeks living in Athens. God is faithful and His purposes never fail!

Perhaps you also do not know the way the Lord would have you go. When the Lord entered your life, it did not become any easier. The devil seeks to cause havoc in various ways. It is important to remember that, through all the uncertainty, God’s plan for your life will be fulfilled. This will not be thwarted in any way.

Thought: Has the Lord come into your life? If so, have former friends turned away from you? Did you expect that?

Psalter 92:1 (based on Psalm 35) Be Thou my helper in the strife, O Lord, my strong defender be; Thy mighty shield protect my life, Thy spear confront the enemy. Amid the conflict, O my Lord, Thy precious promise let me hear. The faithful, reassuring word: I am thy Saviour do not fear.


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