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A Help-meet (Helper)

A Help-meet (Helper) It is not good that the man should be alone. Genesis 2:18

Read Genesis 2:4-18

Adam was created first, but man was not created just to serve himself. As the image bearer of God, he was created to live with and for his Creator. Yet God saw that it was not good for man to live alone. This was not only true for Adam as a person, but also true for Adam as the head of the human race. Man was created to have communion. This is part of what is means to have been created in the image of God.

This need for human fellowship became apparent already in Paradise. As a man, Adam did not find his equal among the animals. He found no one like himself; he did not have a help-meet. Therefore, God created Eve to be Adam’s help-meet.

How was Eve to be Adam’s help-meet? To answer this question, we must go back to man’s calling as the image bearer of God. The Lord gave Eve to Adam so she might assist him in serving God. Eve was to be Adam’s assistant in everything that the Lord had required of him. This was a rich charge: husband and wife were to assist one another in the fulfillment of their calling. Man’s help-meet was not to be his slave or someone he could treat roughly. She was not to rule over him, but to walk beside him. To that end, God has given man and woman to each other. Man and woman were to see eye to eye. The marriage bond has been instituted for that very purpose.

Thought: Men and women are created different, yet they suit each other.

Psalter 256:1,5 (based on Psalm 95) O come and to Jehovah sing, To Him our voices raise; Let us in our most joyful songs The Lord our Saviour praise, The Lord our Saviour praise. O come, and bowing down to Him, Our worship let us bring; Yea let us kneel before the Lord, Our Maker and our King, Our Maker and our King.


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