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Now the LORD had prepared. —Jonah 1:17

Read Jonah 1:17-2:5

When Jonah was cast into the sea, immediately there was a great calm. The crew of the ship may have leaned over the gunwales of the ship looking for him, but no trace of Jonah remained on the surface of the water. From their perspective, he had disappeared into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. They might also have seen a huge fish disappear into the depths of the sea. As Jonah continued sinking, this fish suddenly lurched towards him and took him prey in one giant swallow.

We might think it coincidental that a fish that size was swimming in that area at that particular moment. But we read in the Bible that “the LORD had prepared a great fish.” That fish was at that spot in accordance with God’s plan. We have a God that rules over all; everything is in His hand and obeys His perfect will. He directed the fish to a particular spot during the miraculous catch of fish by the disciples. He sent the quails to the Israelites in the desert. He commanded the ravens to bring food to Elijah. What great comfort it is that our lives are in God’s hand! Maybe you are experiencing difficult times. How great are the troubles and worries that sometimes confront us! But do not forget that these things are not due to chance – God has sent them. He brought these things into your life with holy and wise intentions. Jonah too was brought to see God’s wisdom, for we read that he began to pray to the Lord from the belly of the fish. And the Lord heard his voice.

How can we be sure that the Lord rules everything today?


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